Web Designing Layouts Optimal for your Business

Web Designing Layouts Optimal for your Business

11:06 13 November in Design

The design of a website is an integral aspect as while a well-designed portal will attract the target audience and urge them to surf around the site, an ill-equipped website will make you lose any potential customers. Moreover, while content and graphics are embellishments to improve the performance of the website, its basic layout is the most fundamental factor to consider. Here are the different types of web designing layouts that you can choose from:

  1. Fixed

As the name suggests, a fixed layout consists of components with a fixed width that does not alter when the browser is resized. Thus, while the text and images tend to fall apart on a larger screen, the content is harder to view on small devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  1. Responsive

A responsive layout is one of the best options wherein the website can be displayed on different devices in easy to read and navigate form. Since, the browser expands or contracts according to the required size, the website can be conveniently viewed on different devices.

  1. Liquid

Another preferred layout type is the liquid layout which when resized, automatically adjusts to the browser. Thus, as against the fixed columns used in a fixed layout, the columns of this webpage are built using percentages which expand or retract in size relative to each other. This style thus aids in making the website work conveniently for users on different browsers.

Since each company has their own target audience and style of promotion, a thorough analysis is needed to ensure an optimal choice of layout for your website. Moreover, while each type has its own purpose, the growing dependence on mobile phones for browsing the internet makes the fluid layouts a recommended option. The team of professionals at Creative Social Intranet will be able to recommend and provide the most suitable website layout for your business.

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