About This Project

Monomer Chemical

Monomer Chemical Industries Ltd. was acquired in the year 2001 by a well-known export house “Bloomberg Exim Pvt. Ltd”. As a running dyestuff manufacturing unit to erect manufacturing base for its well-established range of products in textile industries. The plant has the production capacity to produce 12000 MT / Annum of various dyes

Project background

Monomerchemical wanted to broadcast their products and services. So as to enhance their business. Thus they wanted to build a responsive website for their company. Thus they approached us for building a website for their company.

The solution

We made a Responsive website to make it more flexible so that it can be viewed in pc, mobile phone,iPad, etc. Also making the website more responsive and attractive. We used the following technology such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript.
This involves content writing Creative content writers, to feed in the company information like blogs Displaying products under relevant categories with efficient data and images, blogs, Google analytics, secured encrypted email ids etc. To improve the ranking of the company.
We even provided service such as web hosting of their website such as Internet hosting service to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
We used technology such as Php, Open source, WordPress.

The results

Working with monomer added to our experience in the business. The project took 3- 4 months to complete and in the end, we achieved the results of responsive web site along with good content writing to make their website more dynamic and attractive.

Web services offered:

Responsive web design
Content writing
Web hosting

Technology used:

Open source

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