5 Signs You Need A New Website Design

5 Signs You Need A New Website Design

18:16 04 April in Design, Responsive, Web Solutions


Your website ought to be the best impression of your image, particularly thinking of it as’ in all probability the primary spot another potential client will see/find out about your business. In the event that you have an obsolete website design that either resembles it’s from the ’90s or isn’t responsive, it’s a great opportunity to redesign! When somebody arrives on your website, they will decide within a few seconds whether to stay or leave. Do you have music or a video auto-playing on your landing page? Is the landing page loaded with pieces of content and needs few drawing in pictures? Are there pop-ups on your website? On the off chance that you addressed yes to any of these inquiries, you ought to consider patching up your business website!

website redesign Mumbai

website redesign Mumbai

Would it be advisable for you to UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE DESIGN?

In case you’re pondering whether to hire a webdesign company to redesign your website, consider these points that you ought to re-plan now!


Type your website url in internet explorer of your mobile. How does your website look? Are you able to navigate? Is it easily viewable? Consider these questions while browsing your website on mobile. If you feel your website takes time to load, or is slow to move around any section of your website on a mobile phone or tablet, it’s time for a change! 90% of visitors browse through mobile. If people cannot find your website loading fast and easily readable on mobile, they will immediately leave and get their information from your competitor. Don’t let this simple conversion stop you from getting new leads and customers!


If your website is still having the old technology and old style of designing, people will not find it trendy or attractive to check it out. An outdated website design is probably hard to navigate. Everyone wants to easily and quickly find what they’re looking for on a website. Graphics pointing to main services and products and main navigation tabs that highlight key areas of your business with a call to action is a bsic need of today web design. As a general advice, get a website redesign at least every three years. With how quickly consumer needs and technology changes, this will ensure your website stays up-to-date.


Usability is a major component to a website. Make sure your images are not loading slow on your home page. If it takes more than two seconds for any page on your website to load, you get a 90% bounce rate. With advancements in technology to meet, a new website design by a professional company, will ensure your website loading speeds stay within industry standards.


If the webpages aren’t optimized, how are new users finding your business? Keep in mind, the greater part of new clients will get some answers concerning your business on the web. That implies you have to show up on Google’s first page when applicable keywords for your business are searched for. For instance, in case you’re a Cafeteria in Bandra, the most ideal approach to be discovered online is to optimise your website pages for keywords, for example, “Bandra cafeteria and restuarant.” With reliable organic SEO, your business can be found on Google for these applicable keywords.


There’s a whole space of opportunity through social media. There are new prospects you would have never thought about getting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In the event that the fact of the matter is to increase new clients and prospects, then your online social networking accounts require to be  connected and integrated into your website. With the help of an experienced web design and brand management company, you can have easy access to all of your social platforms with the click of a button.


Does your present website identify with any of these worries? In case you’re prepared to give your website another outline, get in touch with us today! We have modified answers for web design solutions that will enhance your user experience!