Benefits of a Dedicated Server

16:22 17 May in Dedicated Servers


There are a lot of things to think about when selecting a web hosting service, including whether a shared server or dedicated server best suits your needs.

Shared hosting allows you to share a server with other hosting ‘tenants’ for less than you would spend on a dedicated server. If your site has steady or light traffic, it can be very cost-effective to host it on a shared server. However, shared hosting can become a problem if your site experiences spikes in traffic or the amount of content increases.

A dedicated server, on the other hand, is just what it sounds like – it is yours and only hosts your sites and applications. Dedicated servers carry their own batch of pros and cons, so we recommend you consider the following before deciding if it is the right solution for your site:

Dedicated Servers

On the plus side…

  •  Speed performance increases on your site since you don’t have to share processor power, memory, or disk space with other sites. This may also improve your site’s traffic rates since impatient visitors won’t be so inclined to leave your site from slow load times.
  • Reliability increases, as well, with less risk of slow-downs, traffic jams, or crashes.
  • Security risks are lessened since access to a dedicated server is limited.
  • Custom Configuration allows for special software installation without the added fuss.
  • Custom Firewall protection enables you to run and enforce your own access control policy.
  • Your Own IP Address is non-existent with most shared hosting sites, but dedicated servers allow for unique addresses. If you’re planning to launch, or currently run, an online marketing campaign, this can be a crucial factor.
  • Upgraded path options mean that you can add more memory (RAM), disk space, or processors when you need to.

Plus, control of your own server means you can…

  • …add additional websites for no cost.
  • …install software without type or quantity limits.
  • …host services other than websites.


  • Costs can increase due to a higher level of server function and control.
  • More costs can be incurred from redundancy back-ups.
  • Even more costs may result from having to purchase software licenses separately.
  • Technical skills are necessary for operating and maintaining a dedicated server.