Creative Modifies SEO strategy and Plan for 2015

Creative Modifies SEO strategy and Plan for 2015

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SEO factors 2015

SEO factors 2015

Google SEO algorithms keep on changing. New Google Panda update are released, new tendencies are discussed and new strategies are developed. Till 2014, many SEO agencies had existed trying to cheat Google to be in top ranking by link building, spamming, and over stuffing of keywords. Google has steadily got better at combating this.

6 factors that should be taken into consideration for future SEO are:

  1. Create and optimize for mobile traffic – With increase in usage of smart phones in day to day life, demand for mobile friendly websites have emerged. Google has started including a “mobile-friendly” notation next to sites in cellular search results which are really mobile friendly.
  2. More concentrated Social Media strategy – Many Social networking websites emerged in 2013-14. SEO agencies would just dump as many content in each every social networking website. It’s more effective to focus on two or three social-media platforms and be very energetic and adapting. This not only helps brand to interact on personal level, but get more leads, and construct a very loyal following that will share your content.
  3. Targeting more precise keywords and search phrases – Since website will be converted into mobile friendly, you wont get much opportunity to add keyphrases. Hence your content should be fresh, relevant to your service and short and sweet. Understanding the shopping and purchase patterns of the target consumer can help you to identify phrases and search terms to go after.
  4. Your title and description – Your Page Title is one of the best SEO toolsand strongest ranking factor in 2015. Try to include the phrase you are targeting early in the page title and make it short and relevant.
  5. Bring down your bounce rate – Fast loading websites, html5 website designing, css driven database website designing was and important SEO change in 2014 itself. Along with this you also need to avoid popups, use intuitive navigation for important items, leverage internal search, avoid poor design, open external links in new window, smartly placing of Ads, split up long posts.
  6. Multimedia makes your page people friendly – Adding badges from social media websites for users to follow,, share content content of your websites to their personal profiles will help increase traffic, branding, and wont give you a primitive feeling.


Taking into consideration the above factors Creative has modified its SEO plans. Have a look from here.
SEO plans 2015