How To Increase The International Sharing Of Your Online Videos

10:53 08 June in Internet Marketing, SEO, SEO, SMO

Videos are become an increasingly popular medium to successfully reach in global and  potential marketplace. Videos are for sure one of the great way to entice with your target audience, regardless whether you create a video for product demo, or fun video starring your employees, commercial videos promoting your services.

Now once you have your own video, how do you enhance the number of shares ?? Here we have five convenient tips that are guaranteed to improve the visibility of your video content on an international scale.

1) Video-hosting website selection:
Everyone is aware about the YouTube, but there are other video-hosting websites also available in digital marketplace such as Nico Nico, RuTube and YouKu which are specifically intended for the users in Japan, Russia and China respectively. One more video sharing website named Dailymotion has 112 million monthly visits and is accessible in 18 languages.
If youa re looking to expand your business with the help of video shares into international marketplace, you have to think about the other available platforms. The perfect selection of video hosting website will definitely increase your visibility, and so total number of video views and shares.

2) SEO-friendly videos:
Whenever we want to look something, we directly turn to a search-engines for answers. A Survey has shown that visitors have a habit to click on the  video thumbnils if they view it in the  search engine results rather than reading the in-depth information. In order to enhance  the number of times your video is shared ,it is essential that it ranks well in the relevant search engine results.
In order to increase your international visibility in online searches it is important to integrate specific keywords into your video subtitles. It will help you to select particular keywords with high search volumes and develop these into the translation of your video transcript.
Most of the web surfers add the word “video” while searching particular video, so it is better to include the word video in your title tag and descriptions since this might give you advantage over your competitors in online searches
You can make use of markup for your videos, which will give better options of being indexed in the search results.
Web based videos are simple as you just have to upload a subtitling file to your preferred video hosting platform, which will then be crawled and indexed by the search engines.

3) Social media sharing :
Nowadays Sharing videos through social media platforms is an emerging trend as many visitors who want to share information about a product they have found interesting, with people in their community or network.
Sharing your multilingual video, from your website or any video hosting websites, is the excellent way to boost the number of views your videos will get. It will be a significant if you have account on various social media platforms which are used by your target audience. You can share your video from your profile and start promoting your video. You can make use of other social media channels rather than only Facebook and Twiiter.

4) Multilingual Video Subtitling:
the very first step to enhancing views of your videos is having the content subtitled. Making video available in a several different languages is a simple task, but efficient way to entice directly with your viewers in their local languages will help to build trustable relationship with audiences across the globe.
Audiences around the world prefer to share video if it is easily available in their mother tongue. So if you have a pre-existing video in your mother tongue, then it can be re-utilized with fewer changes, saving you time as well money by not having to go and record it again and again directly into the target audience’s language.

Multilingual video subtitles can also be displayed in a variety of different ways and any animations, pictures, graphics or embedded text can be translated quite easily.

5) Additional promotions:
Creating surplus essence or the content around your videos can help better to boost their reach and attract new audiences in less time period.

Blogs are read by lots of tech savvy people every day across the globe, so promoting your latest video on a blog is a brilliant way to reach out to who may not stop across your video via YouTube or other video sharing platforms.  And also, you can easily embed your video within your post to reach a wider audience.