Outbound Link Content strategy

Outbound Link Content strategy

18:21 18 May in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO, Uncategorized

Outbound Link Content Strategy shared by SEO company in India. It explains about how outbound link matters in SEO.

Outbound Links have been the way to understand that what a page or a section of a page is about. Outbound Links are more like content and these links may not be like a ranking factor. Commonly, many people thought that outbound links are not so useful as they may drain the page rank. There was also a misunderstanding about the spam sites who were trying to look legit with the help of outbound links.

      Outbound Links can be a reflection of what the page is about. It does not help a page look non-spammy. Outbound Links are an important part of the content strategy as there is a value in terms of both relevance and users for linking out. Even if there were no on-page relevance involved for linking out, it still makes sense to link out as it leads to users loving your web page.