Top Tips to Help the Design of a Website Stand Out

15:03 19 October in Design, Web Solutions

Top Tips to Help the Design of a Website Stand Out

A website is the storefront of your business. In short, it is the first thing your customers will see when they search for your online presence on the leading search engines. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to create a good, first impression. While your team of web designers is already an expert when it comes to creating highly engaging websites, it won’t really hurt if you remind them of some amazing tweaks that can make all the difference between beautiful and bland.

Let us look at some wonderfully effective tips that can come in handy for your web designers when they are working on a website:

1. CTA on Every Page

A CTA or Call to Action button is the perfect way to engage website visitors, and make them act on something. From watching a demo video to buying your eBook, the CTA button will help take your visitors to the place you want them to reach. When you have something so powerful at your disposal, make sure that you include the CTA button on every page of the website.

2. Add an ‘About Us’ page

Connecting with your visitors is a very important step for your business growth. And for doing this, you need to show that you are a real human being. The ‘About Us’ page in your website can help you. Add pictures of your team members. Beside every picture, include a bio that not only states the individual’s professional experience but also the fun stuffs. In short, make it easier for your visitors to connect with you.

3. Install a Directions Widget

Although tablets and Smartphone’s are ruling today, it will be wrong to presume that every visitor has an access to GPS technology. You can use Google offers a free WordPress plug-in, Google Maps Widget, which you can put to good use. If you are using WordPress, search for the plug-in, install it and activate it. Go to the sub-category ‘Widget’ placed under ‘Appearance’. Drag the newly activated plug-in into the ‘Main Sidebar’. Enter your business address and press the update button.

4. Include Industry Reports

Customer testimonials are huge assets. But to stand out from your peers, you need to go a step further. It will massively help your business if you add some resources to your website. What are these resources? They can range from relevant links to white papers, surveys and reports. These reports will solidify your reputation, and make you more attractive in front of your potential customers.

5. Cut the Distractions

The biggest signal that suggests your website is failing to engage visitors is a high bounce rate. In most cases, a high bounce rate is a result of unclear navigation. You need to make sure that your website navigation is clean, so that your visitors are never in confusion about where they should go next. Splash pages and music are also unnecessary distractions. So, it is better if you remove these “annoying” things from your website forever.

There are many more tips, but I want you to go ahead with these 5 tips for now. Do not forget to leave comments on how these tips helped you when you implemented them.