Web Designing: How User Experience of Site Search Can Be improved

12:31 18 November in Design

user experience

People use the Internet for many purposes these days. It could be to connect with other, buying something or searching a particular product or service. It doesn’t matter what kind of site it is, there will always be a particular thing that someone wants to search. Today when people have lots of option to explore, they just spend few minutes or seconds on a website. If they don’t find something relevant they leave the website. To not lose the online traffic, it is necessary to improve a site’s search experience.

As search has become a fundamental activity these days, even if there’s lot of content or one a few words, it is good to have improved search UX. Here’s how it can be done:

Easy To Trace Search Box

When it is about a search box, there’s no need to be creative or different from competitors. The search box of a website should be at a place where users are expecting it.

Search Box With Good Field Size

The size of search box should be enough to find and locate. In addition, its size should be proper where a user can easily type and see what they are typing.

Keep Searched Term Even After ‘Enter’

Even if the user has entered, the searched words should not be erased. It will make easy for them to type again if their next query is related to the previous one.

Auto Suggestion

It is always good to have auto suggestion mechanism. It will allow users to easily find what they are looking for.

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