Common Mistakes Designers Make While Designing

Common Mistakes Designers Make While Designing

10:29 20 November in Design


Logos and web templates have now become professional identities of companies, but there are few common mistakes that designers make while creating designs.

This list contains the most common mistakes, and will allow you to get better results; either you are a designer looking for improving your skills, or a business owner making an investment.

Not Understanding USPs

All businesses have their unique point; this is one of the most important things to bear in mind. A USP is a factor that differentiates one business from its competitors. This can either be low cost or high quality or even it can be something that has never been created before.

Logos are not supposed to be literal, but understanding business USP can help you make a web design so exclusive, that you will not need to find a unique approach to market your brand. Your website will do it for you!

A Bit Too Much

Simplicity is crucial while designing. It is a common saying that “too much good is bad”. This goes for fonts in logos and designing in web templates. It is very important not to use too much fonts in a single design. Different types of fonts in a single web page can confuse the viewer and he is certain to jump to the next website. Use two types of fonts at most to differentiate between the important areas. A lot of white spaces, lack of detail, and no balance are the type of issues that occur regularly in different designs. The reason behind such problem is that clients stress on using too much of their personal style, without realizing that the result will be bad or uninteresting.

Working Violently

Working violently means making such changes to the pixels within your projects that cannot be re-edited later. This situation can be avoided by using layer masks instead of the eraser tool. Try to ignore the standard adjustments from the image drop down menu in the toolbar.

Proof Reading

The days of print-only designs are long gone now. Most designers rely on spell checker to correct the misspelled words, but even the spell checker cannot recognize words used in different context. Words like “your” and “you’re”, “exiting” and “exciting”, which are correct but can only be picked up by proof reading create confusion. Also, a fresh set of eyes will do a better job of picking up errors you may have overlooked.


Most designers work too fast if they are being paid by the hour. This happens when the client has low budget and the designer wants to produce a design that makes sure he gets paid. But there’s a point where your speed is great but the quality goes down. It’s important in your development to discover where that is.

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