Facebook Advertising Tips


As Facebook has become an emerging social networking platform, it is a more profitable source to promote your business across the globe. We are suggesting you some general Facebook Advertising tips which will definitely help you to grow your business.

Focus on objective:
Before you start advertising you must decide the primary objective behind your business promotion. You must keep in mind what you exactly want. Whether you want more Facebook likes, More website visit or more engagement?  Based on your objective, Facebook’s advertising scheme will guide you to recommend ad formats.

Include a clear and direct call to action:
You must include a clear call to action in the body text of your Facebook paid advertisement to encourage Facebook users to take your desired action quickly.

New to Facebook advertising?
You can start with the Page Likes objective, if you are new to Facebook advertising. You can encourage your audience and friends to like your page which will help to make you popular on Facebook. More likes for your page will encourage more people to like you and it’s an better option rather than buying follower on social media channels.

Try Facebook Offers to grab user attention:
Like Google’s offers Extensions, you can try Facebook offers to promote a deal exclusively to Facebook users. You can offer an ebook or white paper in exchange for an email address. You can offer discount to be redeemed in their brick for particular product or services. It’s better that you target your first Facebook offer only to your fans. If it works well, you can enlarge the offers to more audiences on the Facebook.

FB ads can do more than you think:
Facebook advertisement is not only helping you to promote your page,  but also to popularize app or let more people know about the upcoming events. You can implement and try all your options.

Drive downloads for your mobile app:
Most of the people conduct their Facebook activity from their mobile devices. It’s a  smart and quick option for many mobile app developers thinking to promote their work.

Use your Facebook ads to highlight Exclusive deals:
You can drive users’ attention to your latest deals and Megasale events with the help of Facebook paid advertising.

Let others help with your ads:
You can allow other people to promote your site through Facebook ad by giving administrative access rights to your Facebook ads account. So they can easily manage promotions for your page. To add another admin,  just go to Ad Manager > Settings > Scroll down to Ad Account Roles > Add a User. You just have to choose their access level and click add. The user’s email address must be searchable on Facebook.

Customized Ad headline:
While promoting a Facebook Page, you can write your own customized ad headline which can easily attract users’ attention. By default ad headline is same as your page’s title. Along with the social media ad images, the eye-catching advertisement headline are also responsible to make an impact on the Facebook user.

Facebook ad without a Facebook Page:
It’s not mandatory to have a Facebook page to promote your business through a Facebook ad. You can create an advertisement for a website by selecting the Clicks to Website objective. Facebook ads which are not connected with a Facebook page will appear in the right column, rather than News Feed.