Instagram marketing 2021

What are the best online platforms in UAE to promote business online?

January 12, 2021
7:50 pm

In today’s times of struggle and hard core competition, only the strong one who stands out will
survive. And the strongest may not have 500+ employees or the biggest office in the city.

Very often its seen that companies who market themselves most effectively survive and also prosper in today’s highly competitive markets.

1. Why opt for digital marketing to market your business in UAE?

So what questions need to be answered if you want to start your online promotion campaign.
Listed below are the majorly asked questions and their answers before one plans an online promotion drive.

In highly competitive market places, those companies that effectively market themselves will survive and today, effective marketing is digital marketing.

  • One of the major advantage of Digital Marketing in UAE is the clear link and tracking ability to know the clear return on investment (ROI).
  • Digital marketing’s purpose is to attract prospects online to your business through your website and mobile app.
  • Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing because of its ability to track every individual penny spent on marketing for your business.

2. Is it cost effective marketing?

Customarily, earlier companies would spend whole marketing budgets on print media and other offline advertising. But we can never know how much cars did an Auto dealer sold because of their billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road?

Well, Digital marketing provides great brand awareness, and it is cost effective too since it allows businesses to track all marketing activities and their results.

3. What can you gain through Digital Marketing?

  1. Through digital marketing you can identify prospective target markets, target customers and audiences.
  2. Helps to target the audiences with specific messaging and place advertising on the social media platforms which they visit regularly.
  3. Helps you to gather their data for database building and future marketing opportunities.
  4. Allows to measure exact success of the targeted advertising.


4. Above all it allows you to understand what works for your business and more importantly, what doesn’t.




1. Bing/Yahoo Advertising

  • Today Bing and Yahoo! Network represents an excellent opportunity for advertisers at potentially lower costs compared to Google Ads.
  • Bing Ads makes up to 30% of the search market.
  • Yahoo/Bing Ads have shown higher CTRs (Click Through Rates) compare to Google.
  • Bing/Yahoo Advertising services helps you to improve the performance of your PPC ads at considerably cheaper rates.


2. Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile Advertising is a new-kid-on-the-block. With it you can reach out to the smartphone users who browse the internet on their phones instead of other devices.
  • Mobile Advertising services make sure that the mobile pay-per-click, pay-per-call and click-to-download are watched by your potential customers on their phones.
  • The ad experts create fascinating and innovative ad campaigns for mobile devices that reach out to prospective customers.


3. Content Marketing

  • To become a superstar on the internet, your website content must be relevant and useful to your viewers.
  • You can create Brand recognition by engaging and interacting with your customer base through numerous social platforms.
  • Content Marketing Team will assist you by building blog posts, articles and online assets that can be linked.


4. Mobile App Advertising

  • Mobile apps are now a days considered one of the most cost-effective means of digital advertising and thus mobile app advertising of the fastest growing sectors today.
  • You can target specific demographics within mobile apps to produce leads for your marketing needs.
  • With Mobile App advertising you can directly target your niche audience leading to higher conversion rates.


5. Native Advertising

  • Native Advertising is a means of sponsoring content on websites such that it closely resembles the form and design of the non-advertorial page content.
  • Native Advertising can smartly build engagement among viewers, even in a highly saturated digital ecosystem.


Characteristics of The United Arab Emirates as a market

The Emirates is the seventh largest confirmed natural oil and gas reserves, but now oil represents only 18% of the national GDP. Today Financial transactions, make up a significant part of the national economy. Dubai has quickly become one of the most important trade and finance hub in the world.

UAE attractive to investors

The Persian Gulf, including Emirates, imposes a specific business model, which means that when doing business in the Middle East, you should do so in person.

Free zones for the entrepreneurs

The special economic Free zones for both local and foreign investors offer attractive financial benefits and simplified personalised procedures (own administrative system) for those who want to start their businesses in the Emirates.

Digital marketing sources in UAE

With rapid development of modern technology in UAE, there’s a high demand for web services and digital marketing.

Thus today website creation, video production, mobile app development, and SEO/SEM have become one of the most vitally required services in the e-commerce industry.


E-commerce and Internet user in UAE

E-commerce is doing extremely well in the Emirates showing almost 300 % growth every year.
Because of the fondness for technological advancements and digital marketing, Internet users in the Emirates seem to have, the fetishization for the latest Apple or Samsung smartphones

How do Emirates shop?

-Entrepreneurs doing business in the UAE have already noticed the benefits of online selling.

-Savings is the key aspect in e-commerce where Companies save money because of lack of the brick and mortar stores, and customers benefit by buying products at lower prices and saving time by shopping online.

-Interestingly nearly ¾ of the customers are male. UAE citizens mainly browse the Internet to find plane tickets, book hotels, spots various events like concerts and galas, buy smartphones and computers, jewellery, clothes, e-books and music.

-Where Food and clothing industry takes the lead in e-commerce in other countries, frequent travels or nights out are typical for the luxurious kind of lifestyle for people of UAE.

How SEO works in Dubai?

On-site SEO strategy Dubai: where you must build links

  • Emphasize on your business locality.
  • Look for your office visibility in Google My Business, Google Maps, Apple Maps.
  • Increase your site visibility in search engine results pages
  • Online catalogs with local businesses to increase your online store


Off-site: where you must build links?

  • Promote your business on e-commerce and social networking sites that allow you to post.
  • Find new partners having similar profile like yours.


Social media profiles to show everyone you exist.

  • Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit being the most popular social networking sites are worth investing your time and effort in Social media marketing Dubai.


Correct website optimization with key elements

A user-friendly UX, better user experience, good quality and well-optimized content with relevant keywords along with Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush or Majestic – all of them will do perfectly fine for your website optimization.

Content marketing and its importance in UAE

To understand the importance of content marketing for your digital business growth here’s a list of the top advantages it offers: –

  1. Makes You a Thought Leader by helping you utilize your knowledge base in developing unique content on a frequent basis.
  2. Helps in Creating Goodwill.
  3. Creates a Brand name by generating Word of Mouth
  4. Leads You to the Right People by segmenting your audience.
  5. Flourishes the business by decreasing the hesitance to do Business.
  6. Makes You Stand Out from the lot.


Content marketing platforms in UAE

For content marketing in UAE, you need to influence people with your content. You’ve got to be a value-adder in reaching out to your audience.

Few popular sites for content marketing in UAE

  • You can advertise with the popular online daily newspapers’ platforms. Example: Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Al-Sahawat Times, Al Bayan (Arabic).
  • You can connect with informal popular Facebook pages like Lovin Dubai, I Love Dubai, DubaiLAD .

Use Google’s Adsense to target your audience in Dubai. And you’ll have to pay only if it works.

Create your own page on Facebook and keep “boosting/promoting” it in Dubai or consider direct marketing at YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Another good place to advertise is Dubai’s Ebay Dubizzle | OLX and Dubai’s Amazon Shop in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Souq . com).