Appointment tracking software for Workplace Vaccine management

05:16 24 May in Intranet

Creative has unveiled new vaccine management solutions designed to help HR leaders track the immunization status of their employees, monitor vaccine supplies and assess the shifting COVID-19 risk status across their organizations.

Companies are now accelerating the distribution of vaccines for a healthier workplace tomorrow. Creative appointment tracking software unifies the process of vaccine distribution and solidifies the safety of Workplace.

What are the features of Creative Vaccine Management software?

  1. Employee Registration on the portal
  2. Approval by Admin
  3. Prefix slots by admin
  4. Slots availability calendar
  5. Vaccination Slot Booking
  6. Auto disable of slots on full booking
  7. Provision to cancel your booking
  8. Auto update of slots on booking cancellation
  9. User can select preferred location
  10. User can select preferred date, time
  11. User can add/modify details such as SAP Code (username), Email address, Name, Mobile Number
  12. User can add no. of dependants
  13. Vaccine Scheduling System with Dose 1/2 selection
  14. Bulk Excel User import for Admin
  15. User can add dependents / Family members details
  16. Email Notification of booking
  17. Admin view the number of bookings registered for vaccination
  18. Photo Gallery to Upload Vaccinated photo
  19. Gamification

Efficiently manage vaccination administration, appointment schedules, and vaccination
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What are the uses of Workplace Vaccine Management System?

  1. Gain access to key data insights across multiple vaccination centers
  2. Validate employees information in advance of scheduling
  3. Provide crystal clear appointment details, reminders and instructions
  4. Ensure fast and safe vaccine recipient check-in
  5. Increase employees and customer health safety
  6. Boost employee motivation to take vaccine thorugh employee engagement and gamification tools
  7. Support nation to build herd immunity