Factors That Can Contribute To an Impressive Web Design

Factors That Can Contribute To an Impressive Web Design

17:38 20 March in Design

Factors That Can Contribute To an Impressive Web Design

Essentially, a website holds contents that can be informative or insightful to a certain group of people. However, a hideous design can put off readers from accessing and exploring your website. Conversely, an exceptional web design allows your visitors to stay on your website and encourages them to come back to your site in the future. When designing the layout of the website, make sure that it is painless to use and steer clear of distracting elements. Here are some tips on how you can build an appealing yet functional website:

Use Legible Text

In most cases, the text appears to be the most significant element is a website. You need to ascertain that the users are able to stay in your web page without getting eyestrain. The font of your site should be large enough and should have a color that does not muddle up with the color of the background. In addition, split your articles into paragraphs with subheadings so it will be easier for readers to scan the contents of your site.

Choose Well-matched Colors

When choosing the colors for your web design, pass up colors that conflict with one another and put off the reader from exploring the contents of the site. If you are doubtful about the color combination that you have selected, you may want to reconsider your choices. Pay heed to the selected color schemes of your favorite website and try to adopt the color scheme that matches your website.

Have a Tasteful Use of Animation

Certainly, animation adds visual appeal to a website design. However, too much of it can affect it usability and ruin its actual purpose. There are people who have a strong aversion to website animations; they normally install Web browser add-ons to disable Adobe Flash. Besides, modern devices these days do not support flash at all. Hence, you have to shun away from using Flash if you want to have an efficient web design and navigational system.

Less Advertising

Website owners who do not sell any products or service online fall back on offering an advertising space on their site to gain income. Perhaps, you may be tempted to fill all the space available in your website with different ads, but this is not a prudent decision. Businesses would not be willing to advertise in a website that is bombarded with ads but lack actual content. This can also destroy your good reputation and credibility in the market.

Instinctive Navigation System

If your website requires a ‘Help’ page to demonstrate to the users how to find the information they want to read, then its navigation system is quite complex. Keep in mind that it is crucial that a visitor should unconsciously how to explore your website the first time he visits it. Before launching a new website, ask some people to visit your site. Ask them if they had a hard time searching the information they want to find.

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