Internet Marketing Ways – 5 Proven Traffic Generation Approaches for List Building Purpose

Internet Marketing Ways – 5 Proven Traffic Generation Approaches for List Building Purpose

16:07 12 May in Internet Marketing


Traffic generation is probably the most talk about topic in the Internet Marketing space. We all know that traffic equates to how much money you will make from your website. Therefore, having a good understanding of the different ways to generate traffic will allow you to generate more income as well.

Here are 5 proven ways to drive traffic to your website for the purpose of building a list.

1. Adwords
Since the day Google introduced Adwords, it continues to bring great revenue to the advertisers but even more so for Google. Adwords are the familiar text that appears on the top as well as the side of the search page whenever you enter some keywords searches in Google. The title ‘Sponsored Links’ tells you that someone is paying for the texts placement whenever the texts are clicked. The fact that Adwords are increasingly gaining popularity shows that it really works. It is a preferred way of driving traffic for many commercial businesses. If you are running a small home business, you will have to do some research before committing to paid advertisements.

2. Article Marketing
Article Marketing is probably the most popular method used by Internet Marketers for list building. The reason is simple: Article Marketing is easy, free and it works! The internet is huge, but if you would write, someone out there would pick it up for sure and you will get visitors to your websites.

3. Forums
Forum is another great place to direct traffic to your websites. Simply go to Google and perform a forum search on your niche. Then go to the respective forums and create an account. Most forums allow you to add a signature to your post where you can leave your website information and include bait, like a free eBook download to increase the opt-in rate of your site. The downside is that you can end up spending too much time in forums posting comments after comments. Hence I would suggest you use this approach only on niches that you really have a passion for, and do limit the time you would spend on the selected forums each week.

4. Social Bookmarking
Popular Social Bookmarking sites like Delicious and Digg are gaining grounds for many Internet Marketers. This is because it allows one to bookmark as many inviting websites as one wish. That is to say you may leave your squeeze page address in your posts. Social Bookmarking may not be a great way to achieve high opt-in rates, but they do provide back links to your websites which are useful.

5. Video Marketing
Video Marketing is an extremely powerful method for driving traffic to your website. Sources like YouTube and MetaCafe are great places to post your videos and you have the liberty to add text on the screen as well as on the comment boxes. Unfortunately, I believe it is not as widely used as the other forms of method listed above because it does consume more time in terms of getting good shoots and editing the videos accordingly before posting. However, in my opinion it has tremendous traffic generating ability for those who are willing to commit to posting videos regularly.

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