Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal

15:00 03 February in Intranet

Intranet Portal

Why Intranet Portal Is Important for A Business

Intranet is a communication network which is used only by a group of authorized individuals of a company. In other words, intranet could be defined as a private network within an organization created with the help of World Wide Web software so that employees could share information with each other without the interference of third party.

Intranet portal is a gateway that allows an organization’s workers to access data and applications belonging to the same company. In the enterprise sector, it is a technical tool that is used by a company to manage its useful data and applications through personalized views.

Today, intranet portal plays a vital role in a company’s success. It is not wrong to say that it has become epicenter of current enterprise universe. The tool includes all kinds of employee’s necessities, including features like utility and usability. In addition to that, it provides a company with the sense of community.

Here’s how intranet portal helps company manage internal business processes efficiently and make a secure connection:

The intranet portal of a company continuously informs employees about latest activities in the company. In addition to that, it also tells them about important decisions that the company has taken recently.
It makes employees aware of actions that they should take to contribute in the company’s success.
In companies where production in the major part, the intranet portal enables employees work on forms linked to production.
Through the tool, employees could access forms related to leave and purchase.
The intranet portal also allows employees of an organization to have discussion on important topics without the interference of outsiders. In addition to that, features like search, blog and forms allow employees understand more about the company’s working and recent decisions.

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