Latest Web Designing Trends That Can Make a Huge Difference

Latest Web Designing Trends That Can Make a Huge Difference

18:07 20 October in Design, Uncategorized

Web designing concepts and techniques are constantly evolving. There was a time when a websites was nothing but some texts and unaligned images but today the scenario is totally different. Many web designing technologies like java scripting, Html 5, advanced CSS etc has taken over the website designing world.

Full screen website: Full screen website is becoming popular web designing trend now days. In a full screen website, the home screen or the landing page has no text or any kind of written information; it only has a full screen image which looks very simple and clean because it does not have any other link or information.

Video background websites: Video background website is another new web designing concept that is tremendously popular now days. When we open a video background website, we can see a video in the website background instead of a texture or image which makes the website eye catchy and very attractive. The background video is not a regular video like a Movie file or a music video file which are heavy in size; these converted video files with very low frame rate making it easy to load.

Parallax scrolling websites: This is another great web designing technique that is gaining good popularity now days. Unlike the full screen website or a video background website, parallax website has a smooth and eye catching scrolling effect. With a little bit of java scripting and css coding creative scrolling effect can be applied on the background image and on the text. By using Parallax web designing technique, we can create a surprisingly creative website in which the background itself moves with the cursor. It is a very wide concept because of the amount of effects we can incorporate in the website which we create. Some of the best examples are ( (

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