Search Engine Marketing Firms – 3 Tips to Hiring the Right One for You



If you’ve put serious thought into hiring search engine marketing firms to do the hard work for you and secure your website a spot on the first page of the search engines like Google… Then this short article will ensure you choose the right one for you.

The number 1 priority of any business owner should be to cut costs and get the best deal available. This is standard good business sense… But when talking about SEO you should be very careful when investing into cheap options.

Tip No. 1: Don’t spend money on cheap options, which will not give you sustainable profits.

Fact is there are plenty of options available that will get your business ranking well very quickly in the search engines. 99.99% of the time however, this is a short-lived joy. Search engines always catch on to the dodgy methods employed and will sandbox your site (basically send your website to the sin bin) most of the time… never to be found again.

This is the last thing you want, because it’s basically a lost fight trying to get into good graces with the search engines again. Once you’ve been sandboxed your domain (e.g. has basically been blacklisted never to see the light of traffic again.

What is needed is an outline of the marketing plan the firm proposes to get your website on page one of the search engines.

Tip No. 2: Get an outline of the plan proposed to get your website onto page one of the search engines.

If the consultant or SEO firm can’t supply a clear white hat (non-dodgy) marketing plan for your website which outlines the exact steps that will be taken to boost your site into the search engines, then expect to either be taken for a ride or receive non sustainable results.

SEO is hard and time-consuming work. If the firm promises overnight results… let’s just say, I would be careful.

Expect a minimum time of 2-3 months to achieve solid rankings that will give you sustainable traffic to your website. Again this depends on the competitiveness of your industry, but overnight successes are pretty much unheard of in the industry.

Tip No. 3: Trial some of their strategies which they should be giving away for free to build a relationship with you.

Before you invest any money with the company, ask to gain access to some of their strategies, which you can implement or at least learn about so you see how their strategies will work in your business.

If the firm has any idea about marketing they will at a minimum provide you with a newsletter, free report or if they’ve got their stuff together… some hands on training, which walks you through Internet marketing strategies.

So these 3 tips are a good starting point to finding search engine marketing firms and determining which one is the right one for you.