Social Business Software


Social business softwareSocial Business Software: How It’s the Best Way To Connect Employees Of A Company

With the drastic change in technology, how business is being done has also changed, thanks to the increasing role of the Internet. Today, it is not compulsory to have numbers of meetings, or visit the conference room again and again to discuss new solutions with other company members to get things work in favor. Many big and small businesses have started using new technologies and shifted towards virtual workspaces to get a time-saving solution, called social business software.

Social business software is undoubtedly a useful tool, but it’s not easy to define it. The software includes technical things like social intranet software, enterprise social networks and other tools which work to encourage collaboration in a company’s employees from different departments. But a common thing about them is ‘the Intranet’ where they all operate.

Social business software works same as social media websites like Facebook and Twitter where users log in and connect with people sitting in other regions of the globe. The social business software operates under a company and allows its employees to chat, perform activities and share data.

Role of social business software in a company

Social business software is a relevant and useful platform provided by a company to its employees to have access to important information. It not just works to make a reliable connection between them, but also allows them work on a common project while staying at different places. Some of the most common social business platform features are:

  • News sharing
  • File sharing
  • enterprise-grade chat
  • Authority to limited users
  • Connect to company through desktop and mobile phones
  • Monitor who is doing what
  • Identify an employee’s contribution
  • Celebrate a project’s success on a common platform