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10:54 30 January in Intranet

Team Project Software

5 Top Project Management Software For Teams

In today’s technology-friendly, it is not a tough task to mange a business even from regions far from the place where manufacturing is being done. The businesses have some of the best technical tools, or say software, to monitor teams and get them on track even without visiting them.

Project management is the discipline where teams are managed and asked to perform tasks as per the company’s requirement. Project management software helps top management of a company to control a team and monitor them from a distance.

Here is five of the best project management software that many companies around the world are using today:

1. Basecamp

Belonging to the company 37signal, Basecamp is an effective tool that allows communication between employees to achieve a common goal. Major focus of the software is to engage users in important posts without sending them emails.

2. ActiveCollab

It is an interesting project management tool that not just controls teams, but also offers it time-saving features. Through this, project leaders could set targets for team members, add new employees and assign new tasks to them.

3. Central Desktop

In addition to offering features that other types of project management software provide, the Central Desktop software allows members within the network access of the software anywhere. The only thing that the member needs is an internet connection.

4. Assembla

Interesting project management software that provides tickets to team members on remote location, Assembla works like a forum where members of a group can talk to each other, but the control is always given to the project leader.

5. Confluence

The project management software offers many kinds of features, such as content creation, search and discussion. Another interesting this is that file could be shared with simple drag and drop technique.