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The Internet Today

11:22 14 September in Internet Marketing


Today is the era of technology and computers, the internet is one of the most important things that are necessary to live. A long time ago, some twenty years, internet was used by only handful of people. It was a very costly affair and the computers were very bulky. There used to be a 5MB hard drive double the size of the washing machine that we use today. Just imagine how things have changed in these 20 years. Now, a small chip can store GB’s of data. Internet was not very common. Twenty years back, internet was used by a small minority of people, it was very expensive and it was the time when e-mail and www were just launched, then gradually people started learning about computers and Internet.

Today, we can see so much of change. Internet has developed in such a way that it has transformed the life of people. Talk of anything you can do it with the help of internet, be it communication, entertainment, news, sports, business, education, shopping and information of anything and everything. If we talk of them one by one, we will see that how things have become easy and we can do any task in just seconds or may be fraction of seconds. World is here on your fingertips always.

When we talk about communication, we know a long time ago, we used to write letters, then post them and then after a couple of days it used to reach the other person, then they used to write and same process used to happen, it was time and money consuming and there was no surety that whether the important mail will reach or not. But, with the help of Internet, one can mail the other person and within minutes they get the reply, they don’t have to pay and the time is saved.

Then, talk of entertainment; one can see movies, songs on YouTube, YouTube has almost everything. One can learn cooking on the same; one can learn dancing and one can watch their favorite songs, and earlier people used to bring the DVD, used to pay for them and had to go to the market for the same. One can see news on the internet, when the cable is not working or when due to rain, the dish TV also gives trouble. Earlier, one had to wait for morning or some fixed hours to know the news, but now it is 24into7. If you miss news, you can catch up with the same on the internet at any time. Internet has helped in the field of business also, earlier it used to be face to face interactions and the reach was very limited, but now you can reach the whole world with your idea and product and as per the market, you can export the goods or open your office in another country. It is great for growth in business.

Earlier, people used to go to school and the only way for getting a degree was going to the college, but now people who can’t afford schools or colleges, they work and with that they study online and enroll themselves for the online courses, they work and study and grow and the best part is that many can afford to study now, as they work and earn. People also find so many jobs on the Internet, they can sit back at home and can earn. In recession, they really don’t have to worry about the expenses, as they are working online and they have a source of earning. One can do plenty of shopping online and can have the goods delivered at home and also they can find information of almost anything and everything. It works like an encyclopedia too.

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