Tips for Good Quality Website Design

Tips for Good Quality Website Design

15:50 20 February in Design, Web Solutions

Tips for Good Quality Website Design

The importance of having good quality website design cannot be overemphasized. Although good quality is often subjective, there are standards on the web to ensure that sites that are included in the index that is maintained by the search engines fall within the minimum accepted criteria, and if they do not, they are often eliminated.

Search engines such as Google evaluate your design, and even factors in your brand for inclusion into the index. The factors that go into quality website design are something that your website development team should be fully aware, but there a few basic elements that should always be followed.

Quality web design involves the effective use of elements on the web pages; these elements will include fonts, graphics, colours, and branding such as your logo. When the decisions have been made, the next step in the website development process is to assemble the elements together as cohesively as possible, to make the best use of what can be considered as the most important areas on your web page.

If you are working with a web designer, you will need to know whether your designer is using Cascading Style Sheets, because it affects how your website appears on different browsers and different monitors. Many designers do not have the expertise to use CSS properly, and in many cases, your may need someone with CSS code skills to polish your site building.

Another important factor that is often neglected in website development is the colour. Colour affects different people in different ways. Males of certain ages are known to react favourably to some colours that females may dislike. The reactions can often mean the difference between the completion of sales or goals. There have been some survey results that show the reactions to various colours and the responses that are elicited from website visitors.

There is no overall colour that may be better than others, but what turns out to be more important is how the colours are used. For a good quality website design, you will need to study the colours to ensure that they are used to convey the meaning that is consistent with your business.

Although search engines do not care about images, you can never complete any website development without including images, and good quality design means using photos to describe more than just your company image.

There are several places where you can obtain photos that can be used without violating copyright usage, or you can hire a photographer to shoot and edit your photos. If you feel competent enough, you can take high quality photos with relatively inexpensive cameras that may be included in your smart phone. Your best bet is to take high-resolution photos, and crop or correct them with any available photo-editing software.

Quality web design is more than fancy colours. Attention must also be paid to the layout of the elements on the page, which must also complement your brand. One of the criteria used in evaluating your website, is the speed in which the page loads, so attempts should be made to design the layout, so that the pages load as fast as possible.

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