Top Web Design Trend To Expect In 2018

Top Web Design Trend To Expect In 2018

10:25 13 November in Design

Web designing is like obsession for designers who has to stay around it to know about latest happenings in the field. It tells them about the necessary changes to make in a website to make it according to latest technologies where lots of people can enjoy staying on a site. This year, we noticed several good changes in website designing and numerous are expected for next year.

Five interesting trends web designing may see in 2018 are:


Web designers will be given freedom to showcase their creative in the form of interesting and appealing typography. According to experts, 2018 will be year for websites with bold headers and text links on the place of buttons.

Clean Layouts

Web designers will be more focused on providing cleaning layouts with animations, chatbots and various other technologies in 2018. Having a flashy website will not be the solution to attract people, and there will be new technologies to lure them.

Virtual Reality Video

This year, video of website grabbed attention of many and fascinated them. It is because the feature allowed people to see the faced behind services and products. Next year, this feature will reach the next level where videos will be 360 degree.

Internet Of Things

Also known as IoT, it provides technologies to connect digital devices to the Internet. In 2018, IoT interfaces will be on the website to allow online users interact through their smart devices. In totality, there will be smart websites in 2018.

Website designing is a field that keeps on evolving and making a website beneficial for customers and its owner. To make the most of it, one should use all the latest web design technologies through trustworthy provider. Creative Social Intranet has team of experts experienced in applying latest technologies in a website.

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