Web Content Management Systems

Web Content Management Systems

12:21 04 October in CMS, Content Management System, Web Solutions


A Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration and administration tools which is designed to provide users with very minimum knowledge of Web Programming Languages.

Open source CMS provides much functionality and cost effective tools to frame the Site. There are many CMS available in the industry for Web Development; some of the Major contributing CMS are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Magento and so on. These CMS can be framed and developed using Oops (Object Oriented Programming) Concept.

Joomla provides simple and easy environment to develop a Site, It supports Templates, Modules, Components and Plugins to be installed into the core system. Joomla is much Flexible and versatile CMS when it comes to Customization. Joomla customization just proves it’s easy to install admin Panel the best of its kind. It enables developers to take advantage of the Core Framework and modify them. Joomla development can be suggested for any Small scale industry and needs a basic ecommerce solution.

Drupal gives a Strong Structure and Framework to develop a firm Site. Unlike Joomla, Drupal Development supports only Modules to be installed into the Core. Theming is bit difficult for a new user, which requires a lot of designing skills. Drupal acts like an application built over a site and enable the developers to customize the Site according to their requirement. Drupal Customization requires a little bit of Programming knowledge to work with the site. Drupal Development is suggested or Mid-sized business and for a stable Site.

Professionals in Avenir are always here to Guide you and Help you in all the stages in Web development right from choosing the right CMS till making the site Live and its maintenance as well, making it a One Stop Solution for all your Web Needs. Engage us and You Will Enjoy the Benefits, Just like the way all our other Happy Clients did.

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