Why conversion is so important in Online Marketing?

Why conversion is so important in Online Marketing?

11:21 22 April in Internet Marketing

Why conversion is so important in Online Marketing?

In simple words, conversion is to turn a potential lead into an actual customer, while in online marketing; conversion is explained as the percentage of visitors who eventually does what the website owner wants them to do. In most cases, it is to make a purchase or getting registered, in some instances it can be subscribing, or maybe just clicking on sponsor’s ads. Majority of online businesses are seen hankering for more and more traffic, not realizing that if their conversion rate is poor, their business will eventually fail, in spite of all the traffic and visitors coming to their website. Ideally you should be focusing on improving your conversion rate as much as you are focusing on the aspects of marketing. This becomes even more important with an ever growing competition, as more and more websites are now offering identical products and users have the choice of visiting and choosing among dozens of websites.

It is an established fact that most of the users take no more than 4 – 5 seconds when they arrive at a new webpage, in deciding whether to stay or click on the back button immediately. Therefore, you’ve got to spend ample time in planning and designing your landing page. In most cases landing page is the homepage of a website, however that’s not obligatory. To begin with, it should not be clustered or it will only serve as an instant turn off for the visitors, prompting them to leave immediately. It’s only a myth that unusually large land pages with a never ending sales pitch can improve conversion rate. You need to work hard to come up with an eye catching headline or image, page design and effective persuasive techniques.

Before you start to create a landing page, you must decide the nature of conversion. Is it the visitor purchasing something from your affiliates? Or you just want them to sign up by filling out a form? Are you looking for some clicks on your sponsor’s ads? If you have more than one objectives; design separate pages for each of them because you need to stay focused when designing the page or composing a sales pitch. Experts now recommend a combination of text and videos on landing page for better conversions, however there is no fixed rule in place and it depends solely on the nature of your business and the visitors coming to your website. Keep experimenting with the design and content of your landing page; unless you start getting the desired result (however do not make excessive unnecessary changes).

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