Why patience is a key in online marketing?

Why patience is a key in online marketing?

10:26 03 September in Internet Marketing


Getting noticed on the Internet can feel impossible at times. Just like with anything else, having an Internet presence takes a lot of time and work in order to get noticed. Many people don’t want to wait or think that maybe they’re doing something wrong. Although there are always things you can do to improve your online marketing experience, the best way of all is to have patience.

One of the problems that many Internet marketers face when it comes to patience is jumping from blog platform to blog platform, social media site to social media site. When one site doesn’t seem to be bringing in traffic, then they think that site isn’t good for the audience they’re looking for. However, when it comes to bigger name blog and social media platforms (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Live Journal, etc), then it may have more to do with not being visible and not having posted long enough to catch someone’s attention. It takes more than a week, or even a month, to gain attention and reap the benefits.

Passive blogging is not the way to go, though. Simply waiting around for people to notice you isn’t enough. In addition to staying on top of your blogs and social media accounts and regularly updating with fresh content, you should work towards engaging users. Put a question at the end of your posts, prompting users to answer in their comments. Post on other blogs and profiles with comments that have substance and merit. Don’t just use a comment to link back to your blog; put a human voice behind it and offer information or advice that can be used, or comment on a specific point of the post that you liked. Be sure to become an active part of the community, spending time on help forums and replying to people on your pages. Whenever anyone mentions you or your blog – or says something on your page – always offer a word of gratitude and a reply. A little bit can eventually get you a long way.

Even when you regularly update and stay on top of your accounts, engaging users, it will take time to get noticed. Don’t give up when it seems like it’s not working – because it is beneath the surface. Keep trying, and never abandon one social marketing endeavor because “it’s not working” and another “will work better.” Sticking to a strategy and having a goal in mind will help you tremendously.

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