Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

12:12 16 May in Design, Responsive, Web Solutions

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is going to stay for a long time for a simple reason. More and more people use mobile devices to access web and even to purchase online and make payments. As every second day we have a new mobile device launched, we can’t have just a mobile version of our site and rest. Each device has different browsers, different platforms and different screen area. The only solution is to have a site which re-assembles itself to suit the different factors and let the device render the site in the best possible way. That is responsive web design for you.

In technical terms, responsive web design is a site which uses CSS3 media. It utilizes fluid proportion-based grid system to maximize the use of the viewing area of the rendering device. As a result, users, using whatever device, will have sites and its contents, laid out in a crafty way and it will minimize the need of resizing, and scrolling.

Serving more content than needed unnecessarily makes the screen crowded and often makes the site unusable whereas if you are serving less content then people are either not satisfied with what you are presenting or they have to scroll a lot to get to your content. You will want neither case, right? The excellent solution is to use the same code and apply them on different style sheets. Thus your content will be accessible to different devices without a complete re-coding. Designers are happy, users are happy. As we are not changing the code, we are still basically using the same code but manipulating at the UI layer or the interface layer.

The whole idea behind this is, when put in a nutshell; Smartphone users don’t want and can’t consume as much data as a desktop user can and want. This is a revolutionary idea and needs some intelligent input from the designing side. The designers want this as they don’t have to redesign everything, the UI specialists are using the same code only on a new style sheet and users are getting a whole new and much wanted experience. The need to redesign your site for every new device is gone now.

Due to these enormous advantages mentioned and explained in this article, responsive web design will be the choice of web designers and site owners for many years to come. New websites are being made in this format and many existing sites are getting re-dressed to be in this fluid format, dropping behind the days of fixed width.

Responsive Web Design is the new way of designing websites. Fluid positioning makes it easy for the rendering devices to re-position contents to suit the viewing area. Many existing and new websites are opting for this designing.