Avoid E-commerce Website Design Mistakes

12:31 23 May in Design, Ecommerce, Web Solutions

Avoid E-commerce Website Design Mistakes

Every businessman dreams of earning huge profit, meeting up clients requirements throughout the world and serving them 24/7. Achieving this dream becomes difficult in the real world, but if you get your business online and appoint a web development company to create an E-commerce Website, you can enjoy many opportunities for expansion. However, you need to look into all those aspects of the e-commerce design that would fulfill the users’ demands. If you think, your site is not drawing much traffic or the users are having trouble with the site, the go for a website redesign program. In this article, I would share some of the most common e-commerce web design mistakes that troubles customers while purchasing online products.

Lack of info

The touch and feel experience that a buyer gets while shopping in the real world is not available in the virtual space. For this very reason you need to win the trust of the buyers through your E-commerce Website. The lack of interaction is a negative side of these sites, so to overcome this you need to specify every detail. But if you fail to provide information about the product, or do not label them with proper price tags, pictures and other such elements, you are bound to fail in your venture.

You would definitely not like the customers to choose your competitors over you.

So, what should you do? Well, ask the experts of web development to put in all information like sizes, materials, weight, dimensions along with the pictures as well as prices of the goods. If you are selling garments, tell them the available colors and other such instructions that might attract the buyers. An elaborate description of the products can leave a greater impact on the consumers.

Hiding information

If your E-commerce Website does not offer clear information about the entire dealings, then you are taking a huge risk on the ground of earning trust. If you hide the shipping cost or extra home delivery charges, in spite of saying hassle free transaction then you are restricting information.

Your privacy policy as well as disclaimers must mention all the norms and rules about the payment procedures. If you think that you have made this mistake, website redesign is the immediate requirement of the hour. Add your contact number, email address, phone number and all other information without hiding any details.

Search box trouble

Creating a search box icon is a sign of a positive site especially for a commercial site. If your customers are already aware of the products they are searching for, then they can choose the categories and easily get a hold on it. But at times, the search brings in unnecessary results, further confusing the buyers.

If you want to avoid such problem, use a good built-in search engine and add more plug-ins to enlarge its working. Make the search more advanced by including price range, company name, and so on.