Optimizing your site for search engines – how a dedicated server can help

14:58 18 April in Dedicated Servers


If you run a high-traffic website, perhaps with an e-commerce component, then it is likely you will be keen to get high rankings in search result pages. For SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is now widely regarded as one of the key planks in an effective website marketing strategy.

A necessary first step in any SEO campaign is effectively to second guess the words users might enter in to search engines which must retrieve your site in their matching results. Once you have a fair list of candidate keywords (these can be single words or phrases), then ensure you issue them prominently around your site. In particular use keywords in your page titles, since search engines tend to give higher weightings to page titles.

However, apart from the standard SEO measures, your web hosting choice can also greatly assist your search engine optimization strategy.

Also, if your site has slow response times, you might lose potential customers who have eagerly clicked a link on a search results page. With dedicated SEO web hosting from EUKHost this becomes a non-issue as the server response times are always so lightening fast.