SEO event tips for boosting Visibility and Attendance

SEO event tips for boosting Visibility and Attendance

10:13 03 June in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO

Tips to boost visibility and attendance in SEO shared by SEO company in Mumbai, India. It shares about the event search powered by event pack which displays results similar to local pack.

Events are amazing as they bring people together so they can share in a live experience. You really need to be aware of how you can reach your audience and get as much visibility in Google search if you are a person who organizes events.

The event packs are the search engine results page that shows similar events to local pack. It is placed above the traditional organic search results. This event pack is controlled by event search which is when you click a result within a event pack you are taken to Google’s event search experience.

These event packs are important because it gives an ability to rank in ‘position zero’ i.e a position which has a higher click through rate than ranking in position one within the traditional organic search result. With a new event pack in place, what a searcher sees above the fold is importantly just the event packs and the first organic results sees. The event packs are triggered with events based searches.

There are few searches which you can try to trigger an event pack to appear: concerts, festivals, events, shows, nightlife, parties etc. it is based on Google’s understanding of what qualifies an event.

The event packs offers an exciting new opportunity for those who do SEO for events. It provides a unique ability to rank high on search engine results page using both traditional and non-traditional ranking factors

Here are some tips to leverage different features available for events to increase visibility and boost attendance:

a) Use event schema: in this, you need to mark up your pages with the appropriate event schema to get the full benefit of the organic search results.

b) Build links and draft great content: Google displays both transactional pages and editorial pages. It allows an option for a user to either buy tickets or get more info. Google crawls the web to find the best source of information for the events that they display in the experience. You should able to get more exposure from the content producers to end up in these search results.

c)Use strategic keywords in your event names: there should be categories mentioned that Google looks for recognizing the event. It is important to take advantage of and optimize your event names to get the most traffic to the event pages.

d)Think more about Date and Time: It is important to alert Google when your events are happening. Google cares about the event timing that is why you should be specific about when an event happens. If your event happens in non-consecutive days, then make sure you have an event page for each page available and then have them marked up.

With the nature of events being timely, the search results change daily and can make event marketing a viable way to build consistent traction for a business with SEO.