Social Business Network

Social Business Network

12:10 06 February in Intranet

Social Business Network

Everything That Enthusiasts Must Know About Social Business Network

As the name suggests, social business network is a technical term linked to socializing employees of an organization. Although technology has made notable changes in the enterprise world, there are many small and big companies that still have not recognized the actual business value of social networking. It is because they think conference rooms are still better places for meetings than the Internet.

Why social business network is still struggling?

There are many social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and others, that allow their users to connect to each other and have conversations. Still, many belonging to the business world are not ready to enjoy these user-friendly and inexpensive facilities. It may be because of the word ‘media’ which clearly means something related to advertisement. But they don’t understand that unlike traditional media, social media is a two-way communication channel.

The social media websites not just allow users to share their thoughts and pictures, but also help them in making relationships with people sitting far from them. These platforms lead to social conversation that could bring dramatic increase in a company’s productivity.

Importance of social business network

Social business network of an organization includes its social network relationships. The circle may have investors, clients, vendors, partners, competitors and other associates linked to the company in any way. Social business network is a kind of communication channel that allows a company to engage in business networking by advertising its products and earn profit.

Advertising a product through this two-way communication channel is better than using the one-way channels, such as television, radio or newspaper, which reduce the chances of communication with the producers. The relationships that a company makes through social business network help it to gain the trust of a customer.