The Concept of Responsive Web Designing

The Concept of Responsive Web Designing

10:21 18 November in Design, Responsive, Web Solutions


Web designing as such is an important part of the entire web development process and it can truly said to be the front end of any website. Websites become more appealing due to their designs that play a key role in them.

Trendy templates have the power to attract more visitors than those that resemble as static posters on the screen of the computers and other communication devices. Recently, there has been quite a change in the way they are being designed. With the various new trends that are rising, there is also difficulty of designing and creating the business websites.

The evolution of various hybrid and hand held communication devices such as mobiles, smart phones, and tablets, the web designers are changing from traditional web designing trends to responsive ones. Responsive web site can be defined as one that has the capability of adapting itself to a wide array of screen sizes without compromising on the user experience.

This enables the website to adjust gracefully according to the device viewed on by the concerned users. Before the evolution of responsive web designing, designers are required to create multiple versions of their client websites so that their sites runs perfectly on different kinds of internet enabled devices.

Now with this technique, the owners are just required to have a single version of the source code with a single content management system. All the content such as its addition, deletion and updating can easily be carried on by modifying this source code thus saving the cost. Of late, small businesses are turning to responsive web site design (RWD) to take advantages of the benefit associated with this new technique of RWD.

The following are some of the advantages of RWD as mentioned herein below.

1. Response Web Design (RWD) is helping in eliminating the need in developing distinguishing mobile sites as this technology offers the gadget owners to have surfing ability to access the web browser on their smart phones or other gadgets.

2. Developing the web design has become quite an easy task as by using this technology, resizing of the images, texts and buttons to maximize the screen dimensions can be developed very fast for easy readability as per the device being used.

3. The updates are easier to be done at one place with the concerned developments to be seen as a whole part.

Thus, with the above-mentioned advantages the RWD technology is fast catching up in the field of web designing.