Collaborative Intranet

Collaborative Intranet

11:06 28 January in Intranet

Collaborative Intranet

What Is Collaborative Intranet And How It Is Different From Intranet

In business, collaboration means connecting people of an organization for productivity and innovation. These people could be part of the organization while operating from different regions of the world. Intranet is a private network used in businesses that allows employees of an organization to share information with each other without compromising the security. It’s a way to connect an employee with others within the company, so that data and information could be shared without wasting time on meetings.

Flow of information and productivity could be increased with this perfect solution of communication. Through this technology, a company is allowed to create a network of private pages where some selected employees are allowed to communicate, share data and take decisions.

What is collaborative intranet?

As per the definition of collaborative intranet, it’s a network of computers where technology is used to share information with others in the network. What makes it different from intranet is that in its case, its contents are allowed to be enriched collaboratively through the intervention of members in the network.

In intranet, an issuer, or say the voice of an organization, could be the one who has the permission to decide what kind of intranet is needed and who are allowed to share data within the network. On the other side, in the case of collaborative intranet, employees also have the permissions to make comments, share data and communicate with each other.

If the recipient is considered in the case of intranet, a classical top-down vertical structure is followed within the network, while employees also could be part the top management in collaborative intranet. They are allowed to comment on what the voice of an organization has shared on a page which could be accessed by them.

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