Customers think social media ads are filling their feeds but 70% still click


Main feed ads are more effective than Stories ads, as 70% say they are more likely to click on ads in their main news feed. According to the survey, 51% of customers will purchase from a celebrity or influencer endorsed brand. 65% say they like that social media ads show them products that they are interested in and wouldn’t have found otherwise. 31% like the presence of ads so they won’t have to pay for using their social channels they enjoy. 36% say discounts are the biggest motivation to buy a product. 33% say the actual product is what moves them to make a purchase. It is surveyed that 74% people are most likely to click an ad on Facebook and Instagram. Ads which are eye-catching, video ads, new events etc are the types of social ads they enjoy the most. They also enjoy social ads that feature influencers or celebrities they follow. Paid ads on social media also catches their interest. They visit the company’s social website and browse around. They also get to know more about the unknown brand. By doing this we can get to know customer’s sentiments and buying behavior when it comes to ads on social media platforms.