Design and Development Trends you must know

Design and Development Trends you must know

12:38 24 May in Bespoke Development, Design

Design and Development Trends you must know

Every year brings with it new trends in web design and development fields. While some vanish with the passage of time, some stay to leave an impact on future web platforms. In the same way, last couple of years has seen appearance of some elements that are playing critical roles for today’s designers and developers.

Some of the most critical are discussed below:

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 is certainly promises that it is here to stay. With capabilities and features it brings for developers, it has become indispensable for making interactive websites. Add to it CSS3 and one can be a lot more experimental. Most of the browser support HTML5 and those who don’t would sure be planning to make a shift. For a web designing and software development company, the duo is certainly a boon.

Typography based Layouts

Typography is no longer the forgotten aspect it once was. Designers are nowadays giving great importance to typography. Layouts based on it are visually appealing and also offer space to send a strong message. Google Fonts and Type kit have revolutionized the way designers treat typography. Moreover, companies are nowadays giving more importance to type-elements rather than images. This is also bringing down load-time of websites. Even one of the best ecommerce website solutions companies are experimenting with the layouts.

Powerful New tools

There is wide availability of power tools that come handy to developers while working on a project. New software professionals are focusing on simplicity and web based capabilities. HTML Entity Character Lookup, Firebug, Color Lovers, Browser Shots and numerous other tools are changing the way developers work. There are a number of free tools like Xenu, Notepad++, Fiddler and Web Developer Toolbar that can be used at different stages of website development by developers. Be it a custom application development company or pure designing firm, everyone is benefitting from such work simplifying tools.

Background images

Background images are getting popular and its evidence is everywhere. Yahoo during Olympics 2012 and celebrated apparel websites are perfect examples of the trend. Designers can reflect a lot with an appropriate image in the background. This also enhances the visual experience of a visitor. As compared to using heaps of content, background images are more promising.

Ecommerce and social integration

A website that claims to be free at present is bound to come up some way through which revenues could be earned; and mind you, advertising is not being considered here. Developers and designers are keeping this in mind and leaving the scope of such changes in their platforms. Social integration has already become a necessity as designers are being asked to come up with ideas that can lure visitors into social sharing.

Web is a very dynamic field and changes come on monthly basis. While fads evaporate within months of appearance, designer and developer friendly tools stay to grow with the passage of time. Thus, it is part of web experts’ job to keeping looking for trends that are well accepted and demanded in the clients.

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