If You Have A Great Product To Sell Is Website Design All That Important?


Your website design is often the customer’s first impression of your business. It is estimated that the customer takes 7 seconds to decide whether they like your site and whether they’ll stay on it, and 45 seconds to determine if they will purchase your products and services. The quality of your web page design communicates your company’s image. A high quality, user-centric website design is essential to compete in the online marketplace.

If you are a new business, your website must convey quality, competence, and professionalism. If you are a well-established business your web design should be reflective of the size and authority of your offline brand and business offering. Clearly, web page design is as important as the product that you are selling.

You made a significant financial and time investment in your business and the services you offer. A strong website design is not an optional investment. It is required to establish your business online as a credible, trustworthy provider. Just as you pour time and energy into your product image, your website design warrants equal time and consideration.

Web design pricing is not prohibitive these days. Entrepreneurial website designers have developed website design templates that are customizable and easily upgraded. High quality, user-friendly websites are readily available for the small business owner, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Your web design makes the first impression on your customer and it is seen as your virtual storefront. Don’t put the fate of your business in the hands of a friend or spend all of your investment capital on a custom-built website design. Find a website design company that offers template-based websites which are customizable and turn-key. Most businesses don’t invent their products or services from scratch; you don’t need to for websites either.