Social Intranet Solutions

Social Intranet Solutions

11:03 31 January in Intranet

Social Intranet Solutions

Social Intranet Solutions: How It Overcomes Previous Era’s Intranet Challenges

Every business has its own objectives and challenges, and to achieve a target, employees are usually asked to work in collaboration and communicate with each other. To ensure that everything within the organization is happening as per the plans, a set of rules is followed, and it is made sure that all the employees in a project use the same platform and same resources to reach the goal.

Intranet, a private or restricted network of communication, allows an organization to put its employees on a single platform to make resources accessible to them, and to connect them with each other. Today’s social intranet solutions have made it possible for an organization to connect employees with each other for a common goal even when they are sitting in two or more different regions.

Was intranet always that much helpful in the past too, or it faced some challenges? With the change in technology, intranet has also witnessed a change and started providing better social intranet solutions to enterprises. Here’re some challenges that previous era’s intranet has faced:

Lack in connecting teams with each other effectively.
Problem with content.
Problem in search.
Issue with real-time intranet infrastructure.
Disintegrated systems

Today’s social intranet solutions

Several changes have been witnessed by the arena in last few years which produce an engaged workforce. Modern social intranet has several interesting features, such as easy-to-use search options, content discovery, support for business, engaged monitoring and many others. These features have made several things easy for an organization and its employees. Now, they can communicate with each other in real time, share important data with each other, assign task and take important decisions to reach a common goal. In addition to that, they can also help each other with the resources.