Start Your ASP.Net Web Development With Creative

Start Your ASP.Net Web Development With Creative

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What is .NET:
According to Bill Gates, Microsoft expects that .NET will have as significant an effect on the computing world as the introduction of Windows. One concern being voiced is that although .NET’s services will be accessible through any browser, they are likely to function more fully on products designed to work with .NET code.
About Creative:
Creative Web Mall has a rich experience in developing and deploying ASP.NET software solutions for clients across the industry spectrum. ASP.NET is a popular technology used for developing robust dynamic & scalable desktop and web applications. ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework. One can develop ASP.NET applications in most .NET compatible languages including VB.NET, C#, and J#. ASP.NET pages, commonly known as web forms are compiled and stored on the web server for providing better performance. Web forms give you the flexibly to build capable and functional web pages.
The Microsoft platform with ASP.NET is chosen when extremely complex solutions need to be developed.
Powerful database driven functionality allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database. ASP.Net is object-oriented and has many tools that facilitate faster development and more functionality.
ASP.Net 1.1 / ASP.Net 2.0 are programming frameworks from Microsoft that allows us to build rapid, robust, well organized application code and allow for modular & scalable development of powerful web applications.
Few of our ready applications: Jewelry shopping carts, Electronic shopping carts, product managers, product catalogs, B2C portals, comparison portals, matrimonial portals, apparel shopping carts etc.

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