Stress Free Link Building

Stress Free Link Building

15:23 11 July in Uncategorized

Have you ever felt pressure to build links to your website? I often hear this from new SEO students, as well as experienced professionals.

Link building is an extremely important aspect to SEO – that’s true. Link building does take work, but that does not mean you need to experience mountains of worry and stress over building effective links. What follows are proven, effective ways to build links to your website, stress-free.

1. Build Unique, Helpful Content. You have likely heard this advice before, but it remains one of the most effective ways to build quality links. Creating quality content does not mean hours of hair-pulling brainstorming and frantic, late-night blogging. This first tip will require work, but not stress.


  •  I built a resource page for a logistics client that was simply a list of the most useful links that anyone might refer to if they had an item to ship. It listed shipping information by rail or by air as well as schedules. It listed Info on shipping refrigerated or unrefrigerated items. The page was simply a list of good resources for anyone who makes shipments. It was not long before my client had many websites linking to the page.

Suggestions for sites you could begin building this weekend:

Keep in mind the triggers that engage your visitors and get them to respond right now.

     Does your product or service do any of the following?

– Save time
– Save money
– Make money
– Improve processes
– Improve the customers appearance
– Appeal to a specific brand
– Remove doubt or settle an argument
– Promote some aspect of health
– Promote some aspect of safety

These are all sales related triggers that you need to keep in mind when building a resource related Web site.

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