Food Delivery App scores big this season because of IPL

Food Delivery App scores big this season because of IPL

14:47 29 May in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO

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Zomato and Swiggy are currently batting on a good wicket, with the help of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). The average number of daily orders of food tech has jumped by 18.2% till now.

With the final rounds of IPL and ICC Cricket World Cup, the momentum gained by the food-tech is likely to expect pick up pace, helped by thousands of restaurant partners on their platforms that have menus generated especially for the IPL. During IPL 2018, snack items like pizza, french fries etc witnessed 50% increase in the orders compared to the previous years. This year also the trend was similar. The local cuisine as well as snackable items have witnessed a considerable increase in orders from last year during both snack and dinner hours. This year some of the top 10 dishes ordered during this season are chicken biryani, pav bhaji, paneer butter masala from Swiggy which is the associate sponsor of India’s biggest cricketing league.

Bangalore as taken the lead in the total number of orders placed during the first night of IPL, followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi according to Swiggy. Even for Zomato, the order frequency as well as early dinners and evening snacks have gone up significantly.

This IPL season, they have experienced new food delivery trends like 7-11 pm hours are busiest hours but with IPL matches starting at 8 pm every day and at 4 pm on the weekends,  their order frequency for early dinners and evening snacks has increased.