The latest version of Chrome will keep Googlebot up-to-date

The latest version of Chrome will keep Googlebot up-to-date

18:11 30 May in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO

Googlebot will be up-to-date with the help of the latest version of Google Chrome shared by SEO company in Mumbai, India. It shares that Googlebot will be continuously stay updated whenever a new version of  Google Chrome comes out.

Googlebot is the crawler that visits web pages to include them within Google Search index.

Google bot was previously using a web rendering service based on Chrome 41 but now its making a quantum leap to Chrome 74. Google Chrome was lacking behind only because to ensure that its indexing web pages that are compatible with old versions of Chrome. But it was doing disservice to the websites built on modern framework which are not supported by the features in Chrome 41.

Google’s upgradation to Chrome 74 supports over 1000 new features. Some of the more notable new features supported by Googlebot include:

  • ES6 and newer JavaScript features
  • IntersectionObserver for lazy-loading
  • Web Components v1 APIs

Google was just spotted testing an upgraded version of Googlebot less than a month ago. It is said that the test was confirmed by the Google but the company would not declare when it would be updating its web crawler.

With this latest update, Google will be able to access and consume more content. This means you don’t need to spend as much time working on solutions for Google to index for content and spend more of your time creating the content.This update is more beneficial for SEOs as they can focus more on creating useful and helpful content for the audiences and they can spend less time on technical workarounds for Google crawler’s. But it is still necessary to make sure your website is built in a search engine friendly manner.