Protect your Online Brand Reputation

Protect your Online Brand Reputation

14:44 31 May in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO

Creative provides some tips to protect online brand reputation in Mumbai, India. It works for both proactive reputation management and for those that already have online negative reviews about them.

The recent changes to Google algorithm have pushed some complaint sites which is lower in search ranking.

a) Provide Excellence Service: You should make sure that you are providing an excellent service to avoid getting negative reviews. You should consider going above and beyond your current efforts. For example: if you run a restaurant and you provide a free appetizer to surprise your new or returning customers and if you notice even the slightest sign that your customer is unhappy then you should try your best to resolve the issue as soon as possible like offering them service free of cost or refunds to make up for the issue. It is also advisable that you should never argue with your customer as it will cost your reputation. One negative review can cost thousands of dollars in online reputation management. Because these reviews rank high in the brand name and can do more damage in the few months.

b)Ask for reviews: It is important to take reviews from your customers. If you avoid asking your customers for reviews then you may end up with more negative reviews than you would have wanted. You have to make sure that your customers are happy before you ask for the review. Alternately, it is also necessary to take follow-ups after a few days. You can use a different person to take follow-up than whoever served the customer. For example: if it is one of your staff provided the service then the manager should do the follow-up. In this way, the customer is more likely and can able to tell you about his/her experience whether it is good or bad.

c)Review generating platforms: The basic concept of review generation is to collect your customer’s email and/or phone numbers. In that way, you can send a survey email or a text message to ask for feedback. You should ask how they felt about your services and if their answers are positive then you can ask them to give a review on a review site. And in case if the answer is negative, then you can reach out to them and try to resolve their issue asap.

d) Be proactive, not reactive: There are a number of things you can do to create a positive online image. Your goal should be to create popular content of your business, which in turn it will help to keep negative content out. There are some ways in which it will help you to create a positive image like register your social media profiles and stay active on those platforms. Active Twitter accounts often help you to get in top 10 brand names. Youtube will also help to rank well for brand names. Try to create one blog and post on a regular basis. Also, create mini sites or blogs with subdomain blog platforms such as or