Professional Web Designer

Professional Web Designer

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Professional web design companies seem approximately out numbered these days. The market is flooded by freelancers, ‘garage’ companies and Johnny next door, all offering a resolution to your web design problems. Several of these smaller companies, on the face of it, offer very competitive rates and may even sound very professional, using the right web linked jargon like ‘search engine optimization’, ‘e-commerce’ and ‘meta tags’! They do seem to have all the answers, don’t they?

You may be involved to the low rates these individuals charge for their web design skills but do you really know what you are paying for? Even a little money wants to get a return on that investment and you may not actually get what you pay for. However, a scenario where you may get ‘exactly what you paid for’ is even more frightening!

The last thing your company wants is a badly designed website, with poor use of internet marketing tools and bad search engine rankings. Does your nephew really know how to get your business to the top of the Google listings?

You may be asking. ‘What’s in a Name?’ and we agree, names, aren’t everything, but would you really buy your computer from the guy next door? Treat your website with a like ethic or it could be the downfall of your small business.

So, what can a professional, experienced web design company offer you that you won’t get from your cousin or roommate’s sister?

To set the tone for this article compare the cost benefit study of a full page advertisement in the New York Times with a full page advertisement in the Ohio Farmer’s weekly. Are you starting to see where I am going with this?

Listed here are some things to look out for that will highlight the advantages available to you if you do choose to go the route of a professional web designer with a good industry standing.

Website Design– Looks Good, But What Does It Mean?

• Your nephew may be a graphic art student, well versed in attracting attention using a graphical interface. In fact, he may build very eye-catching sites, but he may be missing a very significant concept of internet marketing.
• If a potential customer lands on your website, he probably already requirements to be there. Search engine optimization tools (discussed below) may get him to arrive at your site, but the real trick is getting him to stay there.
• Your professional, marketing savvy web design company knows the distinction between useful and attractive graphical features and fussy and obnoxious ones. Not getting the balance right between your early ‘look’ and useful features of the site will probably lose potential customers.

Programming Geeks Don’t Equal Web Design Know How!

• If your web designer tells you he is a whiz at Java or C++ this should raise an abrupt red flag. Today several websites do use a lot of programming and database, this, at least, is true.
• However, simply being able to program doesn’t make an effective web designer. There are several aspects of programming a website and it takes years of experience to learn them all.
• A professional web designer will ensure your website looks professional, yet still remain functional.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques – Are You a Google ‘Player’

• Building a website is one thing, marketing it, is quite another. Think about your local, much exploited bookstore. For a start, the reason you know about it at all is probably due to its central location, in a well-liked mall for example.
• Secondly, what involved you to it? It probably had a professional looking outside display stand featuring a selection of new books on popular topics. If you weren’t really book shopping, how much time did you spend looking at the hundreds of books inside the store? How often do you visit a rival bookstore in a dingy part of town?
• Search engine optimization techniques do the same with your website, almost you to the top of the page when a user kind a request into his Google