Why Receptiveness is Good for SEO and Sales

Why Receptiveness is Good for SEO and Sales

14:46 15 December in Uncategorized

Receptiveness is a factor that has traditionally been on the margins of SEO and web development. There are solid business reasons for why Receptiveness should be a top consideration. Receptiveness can have a positive effect on sales and SEO.

Receptiveness Should Not Be a Reconsideration

The recent WordPress 5.0 release brought the issue of being searched to mind. It was addressed by a plugin instead of being a key part of WordPress. This gave the impression that Receptiveness was treated as a reconsideration and not a key requirement.

Below are 7 reasons to focus on Receptiveness:

  1. Receptiveness can enhance SEO
  2. Receptiveness should be considered by everyone who works in web development or digital marketing
  3. People with disabilities are consumers
  4. It’s an opportunity to control your niche by serving a community that competitors are overlooking
  5. Receptiveness can increase traffic
  6. Receptiveness can increase sales
  7. Receptiveness can decrease bounce rate

Receptiveness and Thriving Online

As search marketers we all look to squeeze that extra 1% conversion rate, to improve the bounce rate a few percentage points and to have kilobytes off an image file size. The mantra is that every little bit counts.

But when it comes to Receptiveness, why do we behave as if we were asked to take out the garbage… in the rain?

Every little bit counts. Every advantage, no matter how small counts.

I’m preaching to myself more than anyone else because this is an area in which I can improve.

Look at the advantages:

  1. Receptiveness can have ranking advantages via alt text and other features.
  2. Receptiveness can decrease bounce rates.
  3. Receptiveness can increase sales.
  4. Receptiveness can increase your site’s popularity among those ignored by your competition

When it comes to digital marketing, everything I do has a pragmatic reason for attempting it.

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