Youtube Brandcast India 2019

Youtube Brandcast India 2019

11:47 27 May in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO, Social Media

Creative a turnkey digital marketing company in Mumbai, India shares information about youtube brandcast in India for the year 2019.

It’s the 11th year since Youtube has entered into the Indian market. Youtube hosted the 2019 brandcast in India to help marketers and creators understand the massive impact of Youtube and its importance in the digital ecosystem.

Currently, Youtube has over 265M users in the country and it is expected to reach 500M by 2020. The ability to provide personalised media experience and offer various contents in different languages has made Youtube one of the most used platforms. Youtube has become a platform for storytellers to share contents and reached to its engaged audience in rural areas and big cities. It has become a success story for many Youtubers like ‘Mostly Sane’ who discuss social issues such as mental health. Also more recently Priyanka Chopra who has come up with her own new show ‘If I could do just one thing’. When Pepsi ran an ad campaign on Youtube, it increase the sales by 14% and 3.3x return in ad spend. Now mainly vernacular content is capturing the centre stage and helped to increase engagement across all channels.

How is the media landscape evolving

Video revolution in India has changed the way brands communicate with their customers. Mark Patterson of Group M has highlighted the evaluation of the media landscape and how mobile video has become a weapon for many marketers. Most of the users consume content and seek entertainment, as they look for 3 things: convenience, customization, and choice. Statistics show that 60-70% of people in India consume content on mobile video every day.

The digital spends in India is 18% which is low as compared to China where there is 64% of ads spend in digital. However, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, so the digital ad spends is expected to catch up soon.

Three main themes discussed by Mark Patterson on why and how digital advertising in India affect these Youtube themes:

  1. Driving results across through the funnel: it has allowed marketers to have a mass reach and help to gain more awareness for their brand.
  2. Unlocking creativity: it has personalized messaging which has helped to deliver performance
  3. Cross channel planning: Group M has taken a step by integrating Youtube reach data by Group M planning tools which ultimately helped them to optimize maximum reach across multiple devices.