Impact of social media to small businesses in India today


Impact of social media to small businesses in India today

Small business owners in India think that using social media is only for big brands. This is not the case because a small business benefits more if they use these tools. For any small business in Indian market, owning a Facebook page, a twitter account or a LinkedIn social platform give more benefits because from this, they reach hundreds of clients within a short time. Besides, the small business does not have to spend money to advertise their services on television. Let’s look at the impact the social media has.

Better customer services

Small businesses in India lack resources to set up a customer relations department. However, a simple Facebook page or twitter account can help to field clients’ comments, questions and concerns. If your clients are using Facebook, they send the query about what they want, and you get in touch with them soon to solve their problems. A business owner answers in a public format thus reaching other clients who had similar issues.

Helps to design your personality

The use of social media in Indian market helps to display your personality in business. Social media act as cocktail parties rather than meetings for business. For any serious business person, they tend to do better socially when they act their own rather than a corporate entity. The social media pages help to define your behind the scenes activities, your employees and work places. Humanizing your business makes sure consumers have a connection and develop loyalty to your brand.

Defines the organic search results

A small business owns several social Medias and websites in India. To impact on your business website ranking in search engines, one must optimize and have unique contents that help to rank at the top of search engines. Other sites get your content and link it to boost the search. The social media allow broadcast of content to interested clients. Any client interested visits your content by subscribing and informing their friends to link to your content. Some search engines look into social signals when they are ranking pages.

Reduce marketing and advertising costs

Operating a twitter, facebook or LinkedIn account costs nothing. These messages are then seen by many clients without paying. When compared to running a paid television advertisement, social media cost nothing. When it comes to targeting clients, the social media works magic. For example, if you are selling women perfume, have a facebook page where people like it. Anyone who has liked your perfume page gets news instantly. Some television ads bypass targeted clients because of fixed time slots. The social media reduce marketing and other related costs.

A small business needs to use social Medias to get clients. First, this helps to give clients real value and services. This helps to place your business as experts within the competitive market. Without these Medias, you miss the competitive advantages of rank boosting and connecting with new partners, getting new connections and validating the professional standings. The use of social media for small businesses in India provides your clients with product value they desire.