Shopping Online – Think Before You Buy

Shopping Online – Think Before You Buy

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People these days often do not leave home to go shopping. With a cup of java in hand, they just settle in their cozy chair and laptop their way to shopping lands near and far. This has become a very well-liked way to shop, especially during holiday seasons, for birthdays and anniversaries, or when making major purchases such as for furniture or appliances.

Daily schedules already crammed to the brim, crowded shopping malls and parking lots, and rising gas prices…all these things are part of the cause of this phenomenon of shopping online. For all of the products to be conveniently lined up and compared directly on the screen in front of you…delivery to your front door…what could be easier?

Hold on a moment though, before you go doling out that credit card number. Have you considered the safety of the purchase, such as, have you made sure that…?

  • You are on a secure site
  • you fully understand what it is you are buying
  • you have read any ‘terms and conditions’ that may be present but not obvious, on the page before you purchase, or agree to any trial offers.

Often these ‘terms and conditions’ are written in very small font and are placed at the bottom of the page, so you may miss them when you are clicking around just trying to get to the ‘secret’ of the advertisement.

Yes, the internet can be a wonderful, magical, online shopping mall, but do be careful of any trolls under the bridge!

When you purchase, always make a copy of the transaction, save the confirmation number, and at least the name and number of whom to contact in case of any discrepancies or questions that may arise.

That having been said….shop away! There are millions of products available via the online universe, just waiting to be found by the people who need an

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